EcoMAX IV Tier 4F

JCB has led the industry when it comes to Tier IV technology. When Tier IV interim compatibility deadlines were upon us, JCB showcased its innovative solution by introducing the only engine in the industry that did not require a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF). While several manufacturers followed suit with their Tier IV Final solution, JCB raised the game once again by integrating an innovative one-can solution in its engine design. This one can solution eliminates the need for a separate can for a DOC or a DPF to meet Tier IV final emissions standards. By having the right balance between the EGR system capacity and the SCR can size, JCB has produced a compact, highly efficient SCR system that requires no additional DPF or DOC. This no DPF solution results in a compact design, negating the need for bulky alterations to a machine’s bodywork, which also results in improved visibility.

JCB’s Tier IV Final EcoMax engines boast a 2-3% diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) to fuel ratio, along with a reduction in fuel consumption of up to 5% over its Stage IIIB/Tier 4i predecessor. JCB’s Tier IV Final solution delivers on its low cost of ownership promise while minimizing maintenance requirements for optimum uptime.

JCB’s innovative one can solution continues to require no DPF for compact installation without the need for bulky alterations to a machine’s bodywork.

JCB’s compact SCR system uses between a 2-3% exhaust additive (DEF) to fuel ratio. This coupled with a further reduction in fuel consumption of up to 5% over Stage IIIB /Tier 4i EcoMax engines, continues to provide customers an increase in productivity; delivering a measurable competitive advantage.

JCB’s Tier IV Final engine technology does not compromise when it comes to engine power or torque. EcoMax engines maintain their impressive power and torque performance throughout the full rpm range.

JCB’s innovative recalibration option allows EcoMaX engines to run on lower grade fuels. This means any piece of JCB equipment with an EcoMax engine can be resold across different territories, improving overall residual values.

JCB EcoMax engines are field-tested. We’ve built more than 200,000 engines since 2004, testing our latest units for 110,000 hours in 70 different machines on the toughest applications in the harshest of environments.

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